Friday, January 9, 2009

The Midnight Run of Dave Thoman

(To celebrate 24 hours without a cast, a commemoration)

Gather 'round dear children,
for quite the harrowing tale;
'tis concerning one Dave Thoman,
a hero tough as nails.

Studying for Public Finance,
he took a study break;
whilst seeking finals relief,
he suffered another break.

Running the trails of the Arb,
one late Wednesday night;
he first took a spill,
then experienced a great fright.

Jogging downhill,
covered in snow;
a nasty patch of ice
he went down - oh no!

Now sliding downhill,
riding an ankle turned round wrong;
he knew he was in trouble,
in a situation he didn't belong.

Lying at the base,
his ankle likely sprained;
fears of spending the night there
began filling his brain.

He tried hopping uphill
on his left foot;
but the slope was so slick,
he simply couldn't.

His first thought of 'oh shit,'
manifested to 'oh fuck;'
"It's below freezing outside,
am I out of luck?"

Crawling out now,
on hands and knee;
'twas a perilous situation,
we all can agree.

Finally reaching entrance,
his hands painfully frozen;
he waves down a pedestrian,
to call a cab and save'em.

Refusing a ride to ER,
he hoped 'twas just a sprain;
but couldn't sleep all night long,
due to the intense pain.

A morning visit to UHS
revealed a minor break,
and this was when he realized
the extent of his mistake.

But he bravely battled onward,
a Public Finance final that afternoon;
not having slept and high on codeine,
whose combined effects made him swoon.

Dave Is Awesome