Monday, August 16, 2010

To Protect Freedom, We Must Destroy It

Opposition to the Islamic community center (minaret-less mosque?) within walking distance of Ground Zero is one of the most important stances that we as Americans can take to ensure our safety. Understanding that in 2001 we were attacked because 'they hate our freedoms' ('they' being Muslims, who are inherently terroristic in nature), the best way to dissuade future attacks is to limit freedom of religion, affiliation, and organization. And nothing can better prove our country's commitment to limiting the freedoms of its citizenry than a systematic dismemberment of the 1st amendment. Please stop this construction, for the sake of our safety and the safety of our troops overseas. Pray that the lawsuit to block its development is successful.

In September I'm moving to New York, while Marya is headed to DC. Tuesday night's news covered a story on a koran-burning to protest the new mosque development. News stories like this are fun - they allow for unique debates such as 'who's newly adopted residence faces the greater terrorist threat increase due to such acts of jingoism and bigotry?'

What is it with Christians buying books to burn anyway? It's like a vegetarian buying meat to burn - you got your market signals totally bass ackwards. Similar to book burnings, my veggie scenario also has a name. It's called BBQ, and is best accompanied by football and Keystone Light. Yes folks, it's August, and football season is upon us. Praise be to Bill Snyder.

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