Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Kansas >>>>> New York

A couple weeks ago, the following offshoot of conversation transpired on the Facebook:

Dave Toan October 8. Mark the Date.
September 7 at 3:08pm · Like · 2 people

Kathleen Digan no thats my birthday. you cant do this on my birthday.
September 7 at 3:08pm · Like · 1 person

Dave Toan OMG - I wondered why my idea was so perfect!
September 7 at 3:09pm · Like

Kathleen Digan not to be are all clearly invited to stout on my birthday at stout that evening to see me drink the birthday jug.
September 7 at 3:09pm · Like · 1 person

Dave Toan Watching Nora hit 'like' is kinda creepy
September 7 at 3:10pm · Like

Dave Toan and you're invited to 'aroudn the world' after you finish your birthday jug at Stout.
September 7 at 3:10pm · Like

Kathleen Digan shut up you all know you need my organizational skills to plan it...i planned both the prom and the ball at my high school.
September 7 at 3:11pm · Like

Dave Toan Not having attended a school with a ball, I'm immediately skeptical of anyone who planned one. I once hosted a dorm-wide ping pong tournament, so, pretty much, suck it.
September 7 at 3:12pm · Like

Kathleen Digan im gonna come over to 18 and fight you dave. im wearing pearls and heels today, both of which i will use as weapons. be ready.
September 7 at 3:13pm · Like

Kathleen Digan ‎(sarcasm font would be lovely to have for this thread)
September 7 at 3:15pm · Like

Dave Toan ‎"Quick, Brendan James Boyle, call security - a minority is trying to infiltrate our corridors!"
September 7 at 3:17pm · Like

Kathleen Digan the sgt at arms love me dave. they will totes take my side over yours
September 7 at 3:18pm · Like

Dave Toan Maybe, but high school grammar teachers the world over hate you right now.
September 7 at 3:19pm · Like

Kathleen Digan oh wow i didn't know they taught grammar in kansas dave!
September 7 at 3:20pm · Like

Dave Toan - If you scroll down to 'k' (that's the letter after 'j'), you'll find Kansas sitting at #4. But y'all tried hard too, I'm sure. SAT and ACT Average Scores by States law2.umkc.eduRanksings of states by SAT and ACT average scores.
September 7 at 3:26pm · Like ·

Kathleen Digan hey look its the grammar cowboy! - The Grammar Cowboy
‎1991 - A University of Houston student edutainment project. "The Grammar Cowboy...
See More
September 7 at 3:26pm · Like

Nora Elizabeth dont you two have jobs?
September 7 at 3:30pm · Like · 1 person

Kathleen Digan Also nora, dave and I were taking part in important bi partisan bonding. This is your govt at work.
September 7 at 3:55pm · Like

Dave Toan ditto
September 7 at 4:00pm · Like

So then I started typing this: KS v. NY

I originally set out to prove how much greater Kansas was than New York using SAT scores, which are indicative of intelligence, which is indicative of likelihood to commit crime. But apparently KS has much greater crime rates than NY, so, fail.

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