Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Building a New Cuckoo Cuckoo Nest

Apparently Anders Behring Breivik (mass murderer from Norway) is getting a psychiatric ward built solely for him. I oppose the death penalty, and I think I can give a pretty enlightened argument to support my position. This, however, is a step too far. The Slate article also discusses how prison officials announced plans to hire "friends" for Breivik because they’re unwilling to restrict him to solitary confinement but also do not want to subject other inmates to him, worried he may try to take hostages. The "professional community" will have tasks that include playing indoor hockey and chess with Breivik. I think it's fair to say society has no use for this man. Without a use for him, there is no reason to maintain him. I won't protest his early retirement from life.

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