Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Night of the Living Homeless

Watched a homeless man carried out of Grand Central during a trip to the City this weekend. Homeless policy in America is interesting.

We criminalize homelessness, ticketing those who dare panhandle or sleep in public places. We also underfund shelters; some combination of perverse thoughts on moral hazard and simply not giving a shit.

Heard a stat this week; more homeless kids in the City than there are people in Madison Square Garden  during a sellout crowd. Winners and losers and social opportunity. We can safely assume most of these kids experience a similar lifestyle in adulthood. We don't want to house them, but punish them for not being housed. I suppose the hope is that you make conditions so unbearable that they migrate. Because that classic homeless zombies episode of South Park said it could work. As much as we profess to care, it sure seems easy turning a blind eye.

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