Sunday, March 29, 2015

Typing For the Sake of It

It's a noon on Sunday and there's some downtime for me I'm not sure what to do with. Most of my waking hours this past month have been spent preparing budget analyses in my office, arguing over language minutia in the capitol, or shuffling between the two. I've also been eating a lot, because that's what happens when you sit around at work for hours on end. However, with downtime that I feel should be spent doing something, I find myself at a lazy loggerhead. Clean my office? Meh. Catch up on some reading? Maybe next month. Address something else needing a productive eye? I'd really rather not. Yet after a decent time devoted to Netflix, I feel that maybe I can compromise with myself and write. Because that's productive. I think.

I've never been one to assemble an outline before sentences flow - I remember in middle school were were always required to turn in an outline, rough draft, and final version of papers. My outline was often completed after I'd already written what I wanted. I'm too disorganized to plan. Too ADD too.

I started dating someone. It's been an experience I'm still trying to figure out. Have you ever dated someone clearly out of your league? Yet she acts as though it's not the case. I'll sort this out someday.

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