Saturday, September 11, 2010

Already Praying for Basketball Season

At least the ACC should be, because it got embarrassed this weekend. You know who didn't get embarrassed? Michigan, Kansas, and the Dakotas. Seriously, a North or South Dakota team has beaten KU and Minnesota in consecutive weeks. I'm also impressed with how Oregon really looks ready to step up and replace USC.

Other sporting news requiring comment:
-The Royals picked up Pat White. I've never attended a minor league game, but would like to seem him play.
-Penn State finally lost a volleyball match. I watched the national championship last year, and even then they looked dominant. Stanford finally got their number.
-Colorado won't be joining the Pac-10 next year, and I don't blame the conference. I'm sure they're experiencing buyer's remorse, especially after sampling the product they bought this summer (CU got beat down 52-7 by California today). Personally, I don't think this is fair. I want to kick them out of the Big 12 now.
-I don't know if BYU's pursuit of independence was a good gamble. If you think the Mountain West becomes a BCS conference, it's probably not a good gamble. Granted, the MWC is losing one of its consistently best teams in Utah. However, Air Force, TCU, Boise State, and Fresno State form an undeniable core of talent to argue for BCS bowl game inclusion. Add BYU to the mix, and that's a better top half than most BCS conferences can offer (looking at you, ACC). Add solid bowl teams Nevada and Wyoming, and I can't imagine an Arizona or Missouri team having tremendous success in the MWC over the next decade.
I've digressed a bit to justifying the Mountain West receiving BCS automatic qualification, but with reason. If the conference does (and it should) earn its way in, BYU passes up the opportunity for mucho dinero garantizado shared by the schools every year. BYU wants to be the 'Mormon' Notre Dame? Notre Dame whined its way into a deal it didn't deserve, and the football establishment should repeat its mistake. BYU shouldn't expect to profit from the BCS getting smart. And the idea that there's enough national interest to warrant a major television deal? That dog just ain't gonna hunt.

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