Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They Took Our Jerbs!

Topeka Capital-Journal headline today:

Kobach to outline new SoS role

Acknowledging their refusal to properly capitalize (a constant bugbear of mine), it's important to move on and focus on what this will mean. While the outcome is anyone's guess, smart money is on the snake oil salesman further extending his anti-immigrant agenda into the Secretary of State position. Some derivation of a definition that calls for eliminating voter fraud and prosecuting second tier causations wouldn't be surprising. Then he just needs to demonstrate how an undocumented worker could possibly vote (committing voter fraud), and it's within his job purview to hault it. Our second tier causation in this instance being illegal immigration, Kobach could then assume responsibility for eliminating the scourge in the state of Kansas. Voila, Kobach can now do whatever's necessary to prosecute undocumented workers in Kansas given their potential to commit voter fraud. As an added bonus, he just happens to know a private law firm able to assist the state in eradicating this menace.

I'm not sure what Kobach's price was for 'advising' on the Arizona provision, but he got paid consulting fees for writing unconstitutional legislation that was struck down within a couple months. Kansas has enough budget problems without paying this jackass for worthless legal advice - let's not put him in office.

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