Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good and Evil

The Wikileaks releases have been juicier than I anticipated, which makes me appreciate them for no other reason than selfish indulgence. What's interesting about society is that apparently these cables have all the power to hurt, and do nothing to help. Secret meetings, personal opinions, and pointed criticisms are now exposed that threaten to undermine diplomatic relations. Anti-US sentiment in Pakistan is booming. Evil.

Here's where it's interesting: you also have top diplomats on record saying 'gee Mr. President, maybe you should radically change your Middle East policy because as it stands, you're fomenting attitudes that will actually cause more Americans to be killed.' But Americans don't want to hear that, because it doesn't fit within their ignorant understanding of the world. So this leak could never result in any sort of policy shift.

In conclusion we see that Wikileaks's media grab is bad as it relates to putting lives at risk. We also see that it is worthless in demonstrating how offensive the Bush Doctrine really was, because people just don't want to hear that. 'Merica!

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