Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The NBA is Boring

Really, it is. I don't agree with those who prefer the NFL over college football, but can at least understand their position. There's no excuse for their basketball counterparts. The only hope they had was for Miami to win about 85% percent of their games - creating a villain to root against that's power enough to maintain intrigue but not so powerful as to squander hope and thus interest.

Starting the season 6-5, this didn't happen. Not yet. Maybe it's true, they simply need time to jell. And maybe Miami doesn't deserve a great team. I don't know why, but I don't think they do. I really hate the Heat right now. It's inexplicable - I often root for the Celts. I was stoked when Garnett and Ray Allen ended up in Boston. This was another powerful trio colluding to win The Finals with star power. Yet I find them lovable, with Big Baby making the most acrobatic plays a doughboy can while Rondo displays the greatest disparity between talent around the basket and talent around the three point line since Shaq. Who's also now with Boston, and is the definition of lovable. When Nate Robinson steps onto the floor, the only thing I can think of is Matt Alemu and Sunday Morning Hoops. If Jason Kidd was 6 inches shorter, a Kidd/Robinson square-off would be the professional version of Adornato/Alemu. What's not to love?

I've never been a fan of Paul Pierce, KU phenom or not. He excites me as much as Chris Bosh does, which puts the two teams on equal footing. Can't fault Lebron for wanting to be on a great team; I'd also want to play on a great team. I'd even rather be the #5 runner on a great XC team than the #1 runner on a crappy one. Maybe it's because Wade already has his ring - superteams are meant for great players that have been denied their rightful place on top. Nowitski/Lebron/Bosh? That would be more acceptable, with Kidd running point. It still wouldn't excite me. Maybe it's because I don't really like Bosh. And maybe it's because I will always love KG's passion. The point is, I quit caring about the Hornets after they moved to New Orleans, and will never care for the Bobcats. I find myself rooting for a team from Boston instead, which is cause for getting my head checked.

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