Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Standards Guide Our Lives

They make me comfortable. I don't know what I would do if society started approaching its issues in a cerebral and fair manner. An interesting example is found in how we approach religious texts. In discussing whether or not Islam is a 'violent religion,' talking heads often take the word of the Quran literally. Indeed, Fox News's legion of media whores demand it. Which is why we follow the King James Bible literally as well, and never leave any of its words open to interpretation. I have personally felled many a man with a large stone for mowing his lawn on Sunday. I'm also of the school that Satan planted dinosaur bones in the ground to trick us.


Yesterday's gchat activity:
Marya's new status message - But District officials are livid about some policy provisions attached to the bill, particularly one that would ban federal and local funding for abortion. Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) and several members of the City Council led a protest rally Monday on Capitol Hill and were arrested. 9:36 PM
me: Rare are the times in history when men are arrested for protesting the repeal of assistance in terminating human life. Sent at 11:35 AM on Tuesday

If there are any kids reading this, let me learn you some crucial life advice: never, ever, ever get sucked into a discussion about abortion. Zero productive things will come from it. You'd be better off debating religion.

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