Thursday, May 19, 2011

I, However, Discriminate Equally

Imagine if the NAACP supported gay marriage. The battle in New York would be over in a heartbeat. We would've passed it already. It's now looking more doubtful to pass this year.

Of course, this would require the NAACP to be a true civil rights group - one that doesn't rely on polls on whether or not they'd get criticized for recognizing the civil rights of other human beings (if I was a syndicated columnist, this is where I'd make a lot of money b/c CNN would pick up a Huffington Post article entitled 'Journalist Rejects NAACP as a Supporter of Human Rights,' and aside from being labeled a reporter, I'd go on television and agree. And then sell a book and get paid to talk about gibberish on radio. Bonus: I'd also be right).

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