Friday, July 19, 2013

5 on/5 off

This is an entry about the best idea I had training for the marathon last year. If you want to hear this excellent workout idea, continue reading. If you do not, I would suggest you close this window. Or give a visit (more clicks = more money!).

I didn't do this workout many times, but wish I would have. I went through every song in my iTunes library between 4:50 and 5:10 long and added the ones that would be worthy of a running mix to a '5 on/5 off' playlist (uptempo stuff like Brother Ali, Jay Z, Mudvayne, Fear Factory). I'd listen to it on hour-long runs, doing five tempo minutes followed by a five minute job.

I'd shoot for 5:30 mile pace, although the clip is obviously adjustable to your needs and abilities. So I'd run five minutes, then jog five minutes, until the watch hit an hour. It was great b/c you knew you were hitting five minutes each time - once the music switched, you were either able to catch your breath or knew you'd have to start running hard. Seriously perfect for developing speed over distance.

Great speed workout.

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