Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Marathon in the Works?

I spent 20% of my paycheck last weekend on shoes and shows.

I purchased my first pair of running shoes since 2008 on Saturday, hopefully turning the page on a couple bad years of injury and apathy. I requested a running evaluation as well, curious as to what two breaks, three dislocations, and a sprain over the past 22 months have done to my running form. Apparently, I’m as inefficient as ever (this may be difficult to believe for anyone who witnessed the uncoordinated mess I was in high school cross country). The post-eval conversation went something like this:
Helpful, yet older employee: You need inserts.
Me: No! That’s for old people! I’m not old – you’re old!
HYOE: While this may be true, when your feet strike the ground you’re about as gracious as a three-legged camel on ice.
Me: Lalalalallalalalalala…

I ended up buying the inserts, but it was with an extremely begrudging attitude. Tomorrow I’ll describe my weekend’s brush with American rock history.

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