Friday, October 15, 2010

$ Can't Buy Poll Love

Fingers remain pointed surrounding the breakdown of the Big 12(-2) over the summer, with many still keyed on Texas. The big bad bullies down south were too greedy, wanted too much money. CU and Nebraska had no desire to live in a conference of such disparity (for good reason - who will compete with the already dominant program). With that in mind, let's examine the Longhorns' current standings in the polls: ....

That's right, sitting at a sad 3-2, UT finds itself as one of those 'other team receiving votes.' Additionally, preseason BB rankings came out today. And how high does the proud program find itself? Wait - nowhere.

There's a second wrinkle of succulent irony in the preseason rankings. As much of a brouhaha that has been made about the Big 12(-2) North not being able to compete with the South, ESPN suggests otherwise. While 3 North teams are in the top 15, only Baylor (#17) from the South managed to wiggle into the rankings. That's right, the privately funded and low-budget Bears are responsible for representing all the big boys with oil money from Oklahoma and Texas. Is competing in basketball the equivalent to competing in football? No. But in Texas's case, they don't seem to be competing much in either (check games 1 and 4).

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