Tuesday, October 19, 2010

50 and Still Sexy

Being the skinflint I am, I try to keep my concert ticket purchases ≤$20, willing to explore $25 in special circumstance. Yet when the opportunity to experience Bad Religion came around, money was no option (in truth, it was a $30 option). Greg Graffin has few equals, heading one of the most impactful punk bands in American rock history. Consider the following:
• This tour celebrated Bad Religion's 30th anniversary, with Graffin at the helm every one of those years.
• 15 studio albums, 2 EPs
• Guitarist Brett Gurewitz founded Epitaph Records (they've brought you music by The Offspring, Rancid, NOFX, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, and Weezer, among others. Maybe you've heard of some of these?)
• It's Bad Religion!

I ended up hitting an unexpected homerun when I discovered the night of the show that the Bouncing Souls would also be playing. I was literally experiencing a slice of American punk history - with American Jesus blaring through the speakers, I may as well have been moshing as Congress was passing DADT and the Brady Bill.

Wait Dave - you moshed?


What was that like?

What do you mean?

Well, weren't you scared?

I've gone to battle against my high school's football team and almost met my death once on a Chinese freeway. Comparatively, this was child's play.

But aren't you a little small to be moshing?

Actually, I was the tallest guy there.

Fine smartass - bet your BMI was the lowest there. Most of those cats are hardcore.

That's fair, but you have to look at the flip side.

Which is?

When you're this skinny, your elbows are weapons. I was cutting jokers in the pit.

So how'd you make out?

I made out with no one.

Seriously, did you remain pretty unscathed?

My body was covered in bruises when I got home. It felt like after the first day of football practice with pads.

Anything positive come out of it?

It's good to see there's still only one rule - if someone falls down, pick them up.

And the best part?

Owning the center for about 10 seconds. It's absolutely invigorating. All eyes on you, you're the king of the mountain. It entails the respect, adrenaline, and machismo that accompany such a position.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

This was one of the coolest opportunities to observe water's various properties. The drummer had a constant cloud of steam rising from his shoulders. Also, the condensation brought me back to my wrestling day.

How's that?

There was so much moisture in the air from all the sweating, there was a constant leak onto the stage from the ceiling. That's how you know the place was rocking.

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